How to Bypass Samsung J3 FRP Lock without PC?

Samsung J3 devices have become popular over the past year and most of the people are using Samsung J3 device. Android launched a feature of Factory Reset Protection recently on Android devices which helps you to keep your privacy in case your phone gets lost or stolen. However, most of the Samsung J3 users too are now facing a Factory Reset Protection lock or Google Account Verification on their Android devices.

If you too are one such user who is facing the FRP lock, then you do not have to worry about anything because here, we will discuss how to bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung J3. All you need to do is to follow the article and you will be able to run your device smoothly. You do not need to have a computer or a laptop to proceed with this method.

How to Bypass Samsung J3 FRP?

With the following steps, you will be easily able to bypass the Factory Reset Protection on your Samsung J3. The steps which you need to follow are:

bypass samsung j3 frpbypass samsung j3 frp

  1. Turn your Samsung J3 device on.
  2. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Remove the battery of the device and insert a SIM card which is working.
  4. Turn your Samsung device on and choose a language which you can easily understand.
  5. Click the yellow icon which you see on welcome screen.
  6. Click on phone call icon which you see on the SIM card unlock pin screen.
  7. Make an emergency call and make sure that it is picked
  8. Once the fall has been picked, you will have to swipe left so that you get more options.
  9. You will see an internet option. Click on it and open Google
  10. The next step is to open enter SIM card unlock pin which will unlock your SIM.
  11. After opening go or search engine, move to the next step
  12. Now, download quickshortcut maker.
  13. Search Google and type “” and tap on the first result.
  14. Once the official website is opened, you need to click on the downloads section on the website itself.
  15. You have to now open the Quick Shortcut manager.
  16. Once opened, click on “Type email and Password.”
  17. Enter the password and then click on the three dots which you can see on the top right.
  18. Click on browser sign in option.
  19. Then click create account.
  20. Create a new account on your Gmail.
  21. Once done, restart your device once again.
  22. You will now have to complete the setup wizard and you will have to enter the details of the account that you just created.

These are all the steps which you will have to follow to Bypass the Factory Reset Protection on your Samsung J3 device. Following these easy steps will help you to bypass the FRP lock.


Even though Factory Reset Protection helps your information safe in case your phone gets stolen and lost, but it can still be a problem for you especially when you buy a second hand phone from someone. However, this method works completely fine and will easily help you bypass Factory Reset Protection on your device.

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