Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix [Full Solution]

If you are a Samsung user, you must be familiar with the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock issue. Many Samsung users have been looking for a solution to this issue. In order to solve this issue, we’ve prepared a step-by-step procedure that you can follow and fix it.

Samsung is a top smartphone manufacturer in most of the leading countries. Being in the industry for decades, the company has gained a lot of credibility and trust among the users. But, if you’ve ever installed or tried to install a custom ROM in your Samsung device, you might have faced Custom Binary Blocked by FRP lock issue.

This bug can be faced while rooting the device in order to install TWRP recovery or a custom ROM. If you too have faced this issue, the below mentioned step-by-step method will help you solve it.

Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix

Before moving ahead to the method, let us first understand why do Samsung users face this issue in the first place.

In Samsung devices, there is a binary counter that increases every time you install a Custom recovery. So if you install a custom recovery in order to install a custom ROM, the binary counter increases.

Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock

This increase in the binary counter leads the FRP feature to lock the Custom Binary. When the binary counter increases, a message will be displayed on your screen like this: Custom Binary Blocked by FRP lock.

In order to fix the issue, we have prepared a step-by-step Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix that you can follow. Here’s the method:-

1.     Firstly, download Odin3 app from the link mentioned below.

Download Odin3

2.     The app will be downloaded in the form of a zip folder. Open the folder and extract the contents.

3.     After extracting, find the setup file and click on it to install the application.

4.     Now take your Samsung device and press and hold the Home button, Power button and the volume-down key all at the same time for around 3-4 seconds.

5.     Your smartphone will now be put in the download mode. You need to ignore the warning message that gets displayed and then proceed further.

6.     Press the volume up key to enter into the download mode.

7.     Now, open the Odin app in your PC, connect your Samsung device and the app will detect it. Now, select the required filed. The required files can be found in the zip folder that we’ve downloaded in the first step.

8.     Select the required filed and tap on the Start button.

9.     At last, a software update will take place. You can see all the progress on your smartphone’s screen.


Once you’ve followed the above-mentioned steps, disconnect your device from the pc and restart your device. After restarting it, you will no longer be able to see the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock or the FRP Lock message. In case you are unable to bypass FRP on your Samsung device, you can use FRP Bypass APK. We tried to be as informative as we could and hope that you are unable to fix the issue by now. If you still have any doubts about it then you can ask them by heading over to our contact page.